Fall Trip with Izzy to Lake City Colorado

We took a long weekend trip to see the fall foliage.  We have never visited Lake City and we fell in love.  I thought I would share just a few of the photos of Izzy’s adventures while we were there.  We had an amazing time.


We saw this sign on the road next to our cabin.


It was cold on our first full day there.  It had snowed the day before, so Izzy wore her sweater on a little hike in town.


Then we took a 4 wheel trail to see some high country.



We found a park that we didn’t like.  No dogs in a park?  Seriously?


We did some kayaking.


And stopped at a favorite lake (North Lake) near Cuchara, CO on our way home.



Breast Cancer Awareness with Izzy

Izzy tried to show her support for breast cancer awareness.  She was less than thrilled about her pink wig.  I think she was right.  She looked much cuter without the wig.  We are thinking of all of the breast cancer survivors, those that are fighting and those that have lost their lives to breast cancer.  I have the cancer gene mutation BRCA2 so we are also thinking of those that deal with surveillance and prevention as well.