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Izzy was born March of 2011 and she became part of our family in May of that year.  We could tell she was special right away.  She has always had so much personality and is super smart.  From early on, she would let me photograph her and would stay until I was finished.  I was learning about photography and I often used Izzy and my son for models when I practiced shooting.  I never taught her to sit and pose.  She just does it.  In January of 2016, I got this idea to start dressing Izzy up and doing themed photos.  We are collecting the photos and will one day do something special with them.  My favorite thing about our project is hearing people tell me how much her photos make them smile.


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  1. I too have a white mini schnauzer, actually 2! They’re sisters and I’m still learning to groom them. They are named Cameo and Lacy. They are my first ones and I love every minute with them. I live in Amarillo and was so excited to see Izzy at the Cadillac Ranch! Give Izzy a kiss from me!


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